A Quick Photo Tour of The Playa

We woke this morning to the full moon setting outside our front door, and sleepy village of tents. We live right on the Southeast corner of 4 o’clock and Geek, if you try to find us. We are the obnoxious ones in the branded RV – a blatant violation of the decomodification principle. I feel like I want to walk around to everyone and explain why we didn’t cover up our logos. You see, my dad feels concern for the paint, and tape melts in the sun. I suggested using contact paper, but he didn’t like that idea either.

While Burners aspire to practice radical inclusion, there maintains an element of snobbery. This place seeks to develop a temporary community, and communities create diversity, which easily slides into “us” vs. “them’ if continued unchecked. Fortunately our fellow Dust Ninjas don’t openly raise eyebrows at us, and we feel nothing but welcome and happy in our new home.

My parents traded work shifts with some ladies who were scheduled to work but needed to finish building the Sacred Spaces Temple. I set out on my own to take a few pictures of what is happening out here, while people continue to build and create some of the most amazing art I’ve ever seen. I rode clockwise around the Esplanade, stopping at 6 o’clock to take this photo of The Man.

Burning Man from 6 o'clock


It’s around 9 in the morning in this photo, and you can see not overly busy with traffic. Many travelers were delayed on the way in yesterday, and I imagine they were sleeping.

As I made my way around, this guy greeted me.

Playa Robot


A rhino car parked in the 6 o’clock keyhole.

Rhino Car


The city, still feels young. Building continues at various paces, campers roll in from the gate, and the energy of anticipation seeps up out of the dust. I headed out to The Temple of Promise.


I will have more photos from my big camera to post when we get home, and likely much more to say about this experience. For those of you unfamiliar, a temple is created at the 12 o’clock of the playa each year. Burners write on the walls, hang pictures and mementos. There are a few boxes of ashes, many notes of regret and sadness, many of love and joy. Plenty of bare space remains to filled by the arriving community.

On Sunday night, this will be burned. I am here for many reasons, but this event holds the most allure for me. The intentions of love, celebration, disappointment, and fear of 70,000 people up in flames. I hear there are many people who leave Sunday morning. I’m sad for them.

From the temple, I headed to what people were calling The Woman.


Directly behind me was a man doing yoga in the dirt, no mat, no clothes. I know many people are curious about the levels of nudity here, and there certainly is some. So far no one has been harmed by seeing breasts and penises, nor have then been forced to remove any clothing.

After the burn I will have many more photos, I promise. They do take a while to upload, so most posts won’t have this many. I also find myself forgetting to take pictures because I am full of awe.

Now I’m sitting here at our dining room table with my mom, while she comments on those driving down 4 o’clock. There are fun outfits, cars full of people and music, bikes covered with fur.

“Oh that woman needs sunscreen. Or is that a man?”

I looked where she was pointing.

“I’m not certain.” I said

“I think I should just go stand out there and spray people as they go by. They are all getting burned.”

“That would be a good gift.”

Thank you all for reading and commenting. I am inspired here in the midst of artists and healers and dancers and forces of life.

Be here now.

Temple wall

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