Burning Man Countdown…..

As you might guess, Burning Man preparation continues to consume my every spare moment. This Saturday, we will climb in our RV and drive to a town called Hawthorne, Nevada to spend the night, take one last normal shower, and head to the gates the next morning. We have been fortunate enough to connect with a group of campers that will give us a small community in the center of a giant city. Check them out here. 


I got a new watch. Events at Burning Man happen at specific times, and since my phone will not be attached to my body, I needed a way to know the time.


I also got some boots, to go with everything.

I vacillate between extreme excitement and total panic, sometimes within the same minute. When I described this to my new friend Julia (the magic person who produced a spare ticket for me), she suggested this is completely normal. And not only that, I am to expect a total meltdown at some point during this journey. Likely in the middle of the desert. I am not a stranger to total meltdowns, and know there truly is no way to prepare for emotional overload, other than to ride it out when it happens.

We have planned our snacks, beverages, sunscreen, lighting, earplugs, goggles, electrolyte replacement, water, bikes, clothing, gifts, schedules, and travel route. I have never put so much thought into one trip in my life. I typically throw my things in a bag the day I’m leaving and hope for the best. Living in the desert with no nearby CVS has me modifying my behavior.

Many people have reached out to me with a variety of concerns – all completely valid. Yes, spending a week with my parents in harsh conditions is a bit crazy. We have a system for conflict resolution, and plan to spend enough time apart that we don’t want to kill one another halfway through. Yes, there are lots of drugs passed around in every form. From what I can tell, they are not required. Oh, yes, people are often naked. I don’t recall nudity being harmful in and of itself, but I am duly warned. My moments of panic all surround these topics. What will it be like? Who will be there? What will we do for that long? What will I wear?

Already this experience has blown my mind. Last year, I watched the event unfold on the live web feed (which you can view here sometime soon – maybe Sunday?) I cannot begin to imagine what it will be like in real life. But I assure you, I will attempt to tell the stories here.

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  1. If you cant figure out what to wear just go naked, look ywo of your worries are gone just like that. Have an amazing time, push the panic into excitment. I am living vicariously through you so I can’t wait to read about your experience.

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