A Saturday Afternoon Downtown

Saturday we met some friends downtown at the Phoenix Public Market. Normally the outdoor market closes up shop at 1 p.m. and we rarely make it in time. But thanks to the craziness of football, they decided to make a party out of it this week and keep the booths open until 10. And Kalliope was there. A tiny slice of Burning Man right there in the light of day in the middle of town.


I’m willing to bet it was super fun to be there at night. But I’m more of a day-time cool mom, so we were there right at 3. There were hula-hoops!


And I took the boys up to the top – which I have to admit was a little scary. Here is Kristina, down below, having a fabulous time.


I am happy to report that I am still able to hula hoop. And honestly I could have stayed there all day, but a small pack of young boys is not easily amused so we moved on to the True DT Phx music festival.


Again, I’m sure (and I hope) this was way better at night. Just a suggestion to the organizers, it might be a benefit to hire bands with some type of following. People will come to hear great music, especially outdoors on such a beautiful day.


This is Captain Squeegee. 7 guys from Mesa who are all classically trained musicians and exactly one person who was singing along in the (lack-of) crowd. I can say that there were certain great moments for this band, mainly when the singer was playing his trumpet instead of singing. And I must give the guy credit for performing as if there were thousands of people. He pointed at my son and said something like “This is for all the children out there.” Jack turned to me and said “Mom, that’s creepy.

We did not go down to the NFL Experience, mainly because it costs 8 million dollars to get in and none of us really care enough about football. Our neighbor went and had a fabulous time, but he’s a kid who can recite where everyone went to college, what their stats are, and where all they have played. So he’s a little more in to the scene than my boys.

Overall the Public Market was a win, the True Music festival was not. I hope more people showed up later, although looking at the lineup I’m skeptical.

We hopped back in our car and headed back to Ten for dinner. My parents and boys had not yet been there, even though it was my fourth visit. Every single thing I’ve eaten has been amazing, and the steak is no exception.


The chef butchers this Denver cut himself, and made a point to come say hello to our table. They made Nick macaroni and cheese (not on the menu) and he declared it the best ever. Jack’s burger was also great, but he said next time he wants the steak. On Sunday they asked if we could go back for lunch. I would say they are fans.

This coming weekend promises to have a million more people and a million more activities. I’m sad to be missing American Authors play, but I don’t particularly want to spend $100 on a ticket and drive out to Glendale. I will likely take the boys downtown again to check out the Superbowl Experience, but this time I think we will take the light rail instead of parking. And there will likely be another visit to TEN in our future, because I haven’t tried everything on the menu yet.


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