My New ‘Hood

About a month ago I bought a house and moved 1.2 miles. (For those of you wondering, Joe did not move with me. He’s still 1.2 miles away in the house we bought before Nick was born.) 2014 was quite a year. I try to make this blog mostly about why I love Phoenix and less-ly about my personal life, but clearly there has been a lot going on in my world.

So now I live off 7th Ave and Missouri, just North of Melrose (or the Gay-borhood, as described by my friend Barbra Seville.) I can walk to Hana, Sylvia’s, The French Grocery, and Mucho Macho Tacos. The fact that I can walk to a restaurant makes me inordinately happy and reminds me of the good parts of New York.

When I lived in Astoria, Queens there was a “Mexican” restaurant called Napoleon y Josephina that Parley and I would walk to when we were homesick for Arizona. I think the owners were actually Greek, and likely never made it farther South than Atlantic City, but pinto beans and rice can go a long way when you’re dying for any small thing that tastes like home. While poking around on Google today, I found a ChowHound post that mentioned Nap y Jos had closed. In 1998.

Let’s pause here for a moment to reflect upon that date. Because it was 16 years ago, meaning the winter I spent in New York was 18 years ago.


This is Parley in our Astoria apartment, back when we were young with no real problems other than the weekly exestential crisis caused by being terribly poor in an expensive town. At least we had a Christmas tree!

We are now on the brink of 2015 and I am settled into my little brick house in Phoenix. I have been surrounded by family, old friends who love me even though they know every horrible thing there is to know about me, new friends who love me because I am awesome and fun again, my boys who love me because they are boys, and chickens!


I am officially an Urban Farmer, which may be a trademarked name now that the Urban Farmer is becoming more famous. I even have a barn


And a pizza oven with fancy twinkle lights


My little homestead is complete and I am happy. Here’s a rundown of the places I can walk.

Sylvia’s – seriously great, old-school Mexican food. Terrible terrible terrible service. We went for lunch the other day and it was a hot mess of sitting forever, forgotten food, and a waiter who seemed like it was his first day in a restaurant. So weird and sad, because I love this place. I want it to be great! And honestly I’ll still go there, just not when I have anywhere to be.

Hana is hands down the best sushi in town. If you want to come over and go to sushi I’m in. It’s byob too, which I LOVE. LOVE.

French Grocery is phenomenoally trying to find its way. I hope it does. Everything I’ve eaten there is delicious. But it’s closed on Sunday morning, which is when I always think to go there.

Mucho Macho Tacos is delightful. They have tater tots! And they put them in burritos. Is there anything better? My only criticism is the Al Pastor taco has too much sauce. But close, delicious and fast tacos? Sign me up.

I’m likely not going out for New Year’s Eve. Crescent Ballroom is having an amazing party and I was supposed to go. But it might rain. And I’m a little partied out. But tomorrow is a new day and who knows what it will bring?

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  1. I think it’s fantastic that you have a little of that “walkable urbanism” in Phoenix. it’s not always the easiest thing to find in the Valley of the Sun.

  2. It’s not! And we also have a tendency to hop in our cars a lot. When I lived in New York we would walk a lot instead of getting on the subway just because it was easier.

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