When I’m Not Writing…..

To start, there is a lot of exciting stuff happening here in the Valley of the Sun. The sun is actually what is happening, and yesterday it reached 119 degrees. That’s the official temperature, although I have seen Facebook posts showing evidence of up to 124. We as a people like to post about extreme weather. Maybe it makes us feel better that other’s are suffering, or maybe we like to hear how clever we can be about the heat. We tried to amuse ourselves by seeing if eggs would cook outside:

eggs eggs2

We didn’t learn the answer, as Lola ate the eggs while we were at the movies.

I’ve been away a while, from the blog, and haven’t been writing much at all. Two things happened this week that brought me back here and to my notebook.

I found this blog by Daniel Nester which I suppose is really a project more than a blog. For each day over the summer he writes a post in numbered format called “Notes On”. There are some funny ones, like “Notes on Robert Plant’s Hair” as well as “Notes on the Oxford Comma”. I made a comment on his main page, because some of the links aren’t there and I was confused, and I realized that comment might possibly lead him to my page, which hadn’t been updated in forever.

Secondly, I singlehandedly modified the behavior of my two sons – seen above – over the period of 2 and a half days. I created a point system whereby they earn points for doing things that are not related to electronics – reading, swimming, drawing, playing boardgames and chess, and they can use these points to watch television, play video games, or buy Legos. They haven’t touched a video game and they have watched exactly two cartoons. This from kids who would wake up early to get on the computer first and play Minecraft until their eyes turned red.

So thanks to Daniel Nester, who I do not know at all, and my two media-obsessed children, who I know better than I know my own self sometimes, I am back at my desk. Which is fortunate because when I’m not writing I am often losing my grip on sanity, which is already tenuous at best.

Now it is time for lunch and wine, as those small people who take most of my energy have left for the day to visit Grandma. We are going to try a new-to-us restaurant called Timo. It better be worth the searing car ride. Granted it’s only 2.8 miles away so we should survive.




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