I’m Home!

The lawyer holiday party was a raging success. The Palomar knows what’s up. Uber Phoenix successfully transported us in a safe and economical way. The personailities did not disappoint, and I didn’t even embarrass Joe, even though he was worried a time or two.

Now I’m on the couch watching iCarly with the boys, who had a super-fun-time at Cub Scouts with my parents. Apparently there were 4 cop cars, 8 cops, and 3 dogs. Luckily they are still young enough to think that’s cool and not terrifying.

I spent much of the night chatting up the young lawyers. They are so smart and hard working! I had to tell one that he wasn’t allowed to talk about work. Wait, that was Joe. One of them had some type of electrified mat that kept her cats away from the Christmas tree. She seemed mildly worried that I might use this technology on my kids.

Thank you all for reading my tiny attempt to blog as I go. Normally I wait a few days, write something, edit it, add photos, edit some more. This was a new experience, and I only edited a few things for grammar.

And I still don’t see the draw of Instagram…

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