Phoenix is Booming, and So Phoenista Returns

So much is going on in Phoenix these days; it is difficult to keep up. Even so, at dinner last night with our friends we were struggling to think of a restaurant that would be new to all of us. We settled on Gadzooks, Soup and Enchiladas, because it is not yet open. I guess we all eat out a lot. Also interesting to note are the places we have been but don’t really go back. St. Francis, Mazie’s, and Fez come to mine. All in the neighborhood, but never on our list of places to go.

Last night we ate at Sochu House. (The food was amazing – something about Japanese tapas just makes me happy. And eating little quails. I feel like I’m in Lord of the Rings or something.) The owner the guy who started Fate, then left that venture to start Sens. Sochu House is very similar to Sens in menu, but larger and more airy. There is a hipster DJ playing music from his laptop, and I understand later in the night there is dancing. The downside is the weird little stripmall – one of the neighbors in the new spot boasts 5 chili dogs for $5, and we also walked by a sad little tax preparation office. You could feel the despair oozing out of the couple hunched over the particle board desk. Taxes really don’t need to be that stressful.

Much has changed in my world, but most importantly I am about to finally graduate from college. (Others might consider my new/old living situation to also be categorized as “most importantly”, but I’ll save that for another day.) When I say I am graduating, people assume I am getting some kind of fancy advanced degree. Nope, just a standard issue BA in Literature. It only took 23 years. That must be a record. Standing between me and that joyous piece of paper, however, are quite a few writing projects and 2 French classes. As it stands right now, my degree will be conferred to me on August 13. Mark your calendars because you may hear my shrieks of joy, even though on that specific day I will be in British Columbia fishing with Joe and the boys. There will also be whale watching, so if I get swallowed up by an Orca, at least I will have my papers.

Today promises to be another glorious bike-ridey kind of day. There is a new restaurant that is advertising itself as some kind of biker destination. (The pedal kind, not the Harley kind.) Maybe we will take the boys there. Or, more likely, we will ride down to Federal Pizza. I don’t even eat pizza and this is one of my favorite places in the ‘hood. The roasted vegetable platter or Campari Tomatoes – grilled tomatoes and mozzarella – to start and one of their salads (I usually get the Chicken Panzanella usually, but without the bread of course. Which sounds weird, since it’s usually a bread salad when served in Italy, but here it works.)


Also on the agenda, 5 stories by HP Lovecraft and a bit of Beowulf. As much as I love Edgar Allan Poe it is a bit surprising to me that I have never read Lovecraft (also likely surprising to my fellow students, who all seem to be creepily into the horror genre. Glad this class is online.) And working on my graduate school applications. I am applying to 3 schools with low residency MFA programs. One in Oregon, one in Palm Springs and one in Paris. Guess which one is my first choice?

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  1. I am glad to see you back here. I enjoy your writing and while I love reading blogs of all kinds, I especially like reading blogs from people I know. You also made me crave pizza. I did find a local pizza joint down the street but the cost of one pizza is 3 x the cost of 3 meals at a local food stall. And of course with two teenagers, one pizza will never do, so I am saving it for when I am really desperate. 🙂 I am eating vicariously through you, so keep that in mind. My fingers are crossed for Paris!

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by ~ I actually had to order some gluten free pizza tonight because I was craving it after our trip to Federal Pizza today. Say hello to the beach for me!

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