Hypnotherapy works…maybe too well

I got hypnotized last weekend. My friend at work Martha and her husband Darren are just finishing their certification to become licensed hynpo-therapists and need so many hours of practice. Sign me up!

So they came to our house last Sunday and talked through their process. Tapping into the sub-concious to confront issues you want to deal with in your life. The common ones – I want to lose weight, quit smoking, be less anxious – can easily be addressed if the patient is willing. So Martha set out on an exercise to remove the negative energy in my life that is getting in my way. At one point she asked me to list a number of things in my life that were causing this negativity, and we would go about unplugging them from my body. I remember saying “six”, but not really knowing why. I just went along with it.

As we got to number five I remember thinking “Hmmm, what’s this one going to be??” (My conscious mind never really shuts off. I even talk to myself in my dreams sometimes.)

Writing? That brings me negative energy? Ok, unplug that bad boy from my right knee, fold up the cord and move on.

And then I couldn’t write.

It’s taken me all week to get through this weird effect. I certainly didn’t want to give up writing, and I wouldn’t have expected it to be something addressed in my session. My over-arching goal is to lose the 30 pounds I have gained since I started my job over 3 years ago. And be less stressed about the working/being a mom balance. But clearly my subconscious has an issue with the role writing plays in my life.

The other effects of the session are that I am hyper-productive at work, I’m sleeping like a rock star, I’ve lost 3 pounds, and I feel more rational and calm.

Calm. I feel so calm. Not like when I was on Celexa and I just felt numb (which sometimes numb is good, fyi.) I am peaceful and happy in a way I haven’t been in a long time. So is Joe.

But I’m not giving up writing. I suppose I need to find a way to make it bring me positive energy instead of negative. Interesting.

So overall I highly recommend you give Martha a call and get hypnotized. Just be careful what you wish for, because your subconscious mind may have specific ideas for you.

I’ll be back later with more to say once I get a handle on myself. For now I will leave you with a photo of Rocky Point because I will be going there twice in October……

09-14-13 Mexico


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