Yay for me!

This has been an astounding and slightly crazy week. Imagine if you had been hanging around wishing for a few things to happen in the back of your head. All of them somewhat affirming, life-changing, and important. And two of them happened back to back. Go ahead, imagine it. Perhaps you are the kind of person who would throw a party, or go clubbing, or dance on table tops. This has been my week and I’ve mainly stared off into space, slightly stunned.

So I got a new job that I interviewed for a few months ago. The timing is perfect because my current job is going through a huge transition and I was getting mildly panicked about what was going to happen to me next. This new position is a significant promotion and is incredibly validating to me professionally. It’s also a giant secret and I’m not allowed to talk about it at work, so that’s a bit weird.

The following day I received a call that I have been accepted into the MFA program at Pacific University. Wow. I cannot accurately capture how overwhelmed and excited I am that someone out there read my work and wants me to come study with them.


I spoke to Joe Millar yesterday – he’s a poet on faculty at the school – and he was extremely supportive. He understands how exciting and terrifying this prospect is for me. He gave me some suggestions for reading and writing prior to the program starting, and he validated that my current work as good enough.

Now, I haven’t heard back from NYU. I am trying to make a decision as if I were accepted to both, which is difficult because I don’t know a ton about the NYU program. What I do know is that it is in Paris for crying out loud.Paris

Which as I think of it more might be a bit of a distraction for me. Can I really put my head down and study and write and pay attention when I’m in Paris?

So I’m leaning towards Oregon. It’s a well-established and respected program. The community seems a good fit for me. It will allow me to study writing in a serious way without impacting my career or my family too much. It seems like the right choice, and I almost hope NYU does not send me an offer.


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