1 2 3 and 4 is 5, Everyone here is a friend of mine (Part One of Two)

I forgot about Men Without Hats. And Safety Dance used to be my ringtone.

When I bought my tickets for last night’s show I was most excited to see Howard Jones. I have to say now that I was equally impressed by both acts, and am grateful for the experience. Perhaps these performers didn’t love playing outside in Tucson in August, and perhaps they found our audience to be small, but I hope in the end the amount of joy they spread to our evening was worth it.

My day was full and stressful. The kids did not want me to leave, and Nick even said “You care more about your music than you do about your kids!” I had a meeting where I was told my personal brand is suffering and I need to step it up. Perception is 9/10ths of the law, and no matter how hard I work or how much I care about what I do, if people don’t see that it doesn’t happen. I left the office feeling sick.

Personally it has also been a trying week. In case you didn’t realize, reuniting with your ex-husband is not always sunshine and unicorns.

So we left town and drove to Tucson. I love Tucson. I went to college there for three years. It’s smaller, more intimate, and better than Phoenix in so many ways. I would move there in a hot second, and our drive across the desert with the visible rain storms, the crazy ostrich farm, and the familiar mountains… it gave me peace.

We stayed here:

08-30-13 tucson3


I recommend you do this at least once in your life. Go to Tucson. See a show. Stay at the haunted, throw-back Hotel Congress. (Just don’t try to take a shower, because the water will never stabilize.)

What I love about Congress is that the people there just flat out care about music. I’ve been for the Wooden Ball – an acoustic festival in January. I saw Marianne Dissard a few years ago and was completely enamored. The Jons usually show up (they don’t have a link, but they are great). And Andrew Colberg. Good god that kid can sing.

Also, The Cup Cafe is a strangely delightful restaurant. Just look at the chandelier:

08-30-13 tucson

And the drink menu:

08-30-13 tucson2

The night was full of love and happiness and memories and cocktails. I will write a second post about the music, because it deserves thought and creativity that I cannot quite muster after staying up too late, partying a bit too hard, and speeding home this morning to make my 10 a.m. conference call.

Until then.

Pop goes the world.


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