The perfect date night

Last night we ditched the kids and headed over to Angel’s Trumpet Ale House.

08-25-13 Date Night 2


Here are the things to love about this place.

  1. The vibe is way cooler than North Central. Love North Central. Love my Sunday Night cul-de-sac wine parties. Love hanging with people who are excited to hear Vanilla Ice. (Maybe that is just me.) But downtown people have a higher coolness factor. It’s palpable.
  2. Beer and wine on tap. Anything on tap is good. Wine on tap is rare and makes me happy. If I drank beer I would feel like I was visiting Willie Wonka. (See photo below)
  3. The food is delicious. I had the Cranberry Salad with Chicken. Pecans. Smoked Mozzarella. All kinds of yumminess. It’s a tough place to go if you’re gluten-free because everything sounds so delicious but is completely off limits. Joe had fish tacos – breaded, fried and on flour tortillas. Not healthy but super good.
  4. The patio makes me excited for winter. It will be such a delightful place to hang out.
  5. It is obvious that the owners care. The light fixtures are made of wine bottles and wooden kegs. The seating is open and convivial. The dishes are fun. The service is perfect – get us what we want and when we want it. No fuss.

This is the door. Don’t you want to go inside?

08-25-13 Date Night 3


And the bar, with all the taps lined up and numbered:

08-25-13 Date Night 4


We would have hung out all night but there was a movie starting at FilmBar across the street.

08-25-13 Date Night

I’ve wanted to go here for a while. What is better than a theater showing independent movies? (Our only choice for non-blockbusters prior to FilmBar was to visit Harkins Camelview – no link because I despise this grimy theater and think Dan Harkins cares as much about the movie-going experience as Bill Bidwell cares about having a winning team.)

So here’s the deal with FilmBar. The front area is a bar with what I can only guess are booths made out of old car seats. There are people milling about who have no interest in seeing the movie, much like the crowd outside of Crescent Ballroom. The bar is simple. Two reds and two whites by the glass. Some beer on tap. Sodas and popcorn and candy. I got a glass of cabernet in a stemless glass that fit perfectly in the cup holder of my seat and settled in for the show.

We saw Drug War – a Chinese film about meth manufacturers. It was interesting and intense, with lots of crashing and shooting and confusion about who was on what side of the table. Apparently the penalty in China for drug trafficking is the death penalty. That certainly changes the game.

It was such a great night. There is something spectacular about those moments when you realize you are a fun person – outside of kids and work and laundry and groceries. You can have a night out and still be home before 9:30 to pay the babysitter and get to bed early enough so you’re not miserable when your son shows up at the side of your bed Sunday morning at 7 a.m. wanting to talk about the book he is reading.



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  1. I’ve never been to angels trumpet. Thanks for the photo so I can see what it looks like in the inside! Looks cool. I’ll definitely check it out.

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