Danny proves he’s no “Family”

I do not like Danny’s Family Car Wash, even though I go there quite often. If my car needs to be clean, I don’t have a lot of options that are close to my limited radius of everyday travel. Which is no surprise because when you really think about it, who wants to wash cars in Arizona? Here is a small list of reasons I wish I didn’t have to go there (and yes, I realize I don’t HAVE to go there. I could drive farther, or wash my car myself. I get that.)

  1. The guys at the check-in are obnoxious about trying to sell me stuff. And they outright lie to get me to buy things. One offered to clean the leather in my car (which it needed, given the fact that Nick violated my car rules and left a juice box on my front seat) and I asked how much longer it would take. “Oh the same amount of time as a car wash.” One hour later I had to ask someone to just give me my car even if it wasn’t done because I would be late, and they acted like I was being difficult.
  2. The windshield repair people stalk you. They are horrible in every way – hard sales, they take FOREVER to do anything, and their work sucks.
  3. The system for retrieving your car is treacherous. I’ve almost been hit a few times trying to cross the lanes of traffic.

It’s never been bad enough for me to stay away, although I never buy my gas there. And I feel bad about giving my money to a Danny Hendon who is known by his peers and clients as being a jerk. So when the news hit this week that he was under raid – not by Sheriff Joe as one might suspect (until you look at the contributions Danny makes to Joe’s slush fund) – but by US Immigration and Customs, I wasn’t overly surprised. I expect people who are jerks to one day get their just desserts.


If you read through the news reports, and watch the footage of people being hauled off to jail (where they spent a good 48 hours before arraignment), you won’t see Danny anywhere. Not even in solidarity of his workers, who were acting on his behalf. Who knows where Danny is? According to New Times Feathered Bastard he is not answering his phone.

There is much controversy about immigration in our state, we can all agree about that. There are hordes of undocumented workers in our midst, and not a single person has a good solution for fixing this complex problem.

What I have recently learned that I found most interesting is that if I happened to be a Mexican citizen as opposed to Canadian or Greek or Turkish or Uzbek, there is not a way for me to request to come to the US and work. Say, for example, that I am an excellent car washer, and I want to come here and make a way for my family that is better in Mexico. I cannot legally do this. There is not a line for me to stand in, not a form to fill out, not a plea to be made.

I know there are people watching the news and shouting “Yeah!” at their television as these people are cuffed and hauled off. They agree with the holier-than-though thugs who did the arresting, who are only doing their job after all. Enforcing the law that says a man who works his ass off to provide for his family should be subject to incarceration while Danny Hendon sits by the pool sipping wine.

Joe made a good point about this whole controversy. How much would it cost to get your car washed if Danny’s didn’t employ undocumented workers? (He’s also concerned about the value of his remaining Groupon.)

My father is a business owner and has been my entire life. I can’t imagine a situation his employees were put in jail for things they had done under his direction, and if they were I know he would stand by them in court. Danny is a coward. Whatever you believe is right or wrong with regards to immigration law, the fact that he hung his people about to dry is unforgivable.

Maybe I can teach my kids how to wash my car?



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