What not to do at The Barbra Seville Show

Last night I left my house about 9:30 to go see Barbra perform at The Rock. Since this is the time I normally fall asleep, I was certainly going out of my comfort zone. I fretted over what to wear and for good reason. The other obvious mom in the audience was asked if her friends just went and pulled her off the couch. I was only asked if I needed a Ginger Ale, so I felt good about that.

If you do go see this fun and hilarious show, I’ve put together a few tips of things not to do when you go.

  1. Do not wear your cheapest Old Navy flip flops. Barbra will notice.
  2. Do not walk across the stage to sit in your seat. Especially repeatedly. (Ricardo, a young man at the front, must have had some very important business out of the room, because he probably did this seven or eight times.)
  3. Do not get so drunk that your friends have to drag you stumbling out of the bar. Especially if you are going to knock me out of my chair.
  4. Do not forget to bring cash! There are multiple opportunities to stuff bills into the costumes of the girls.
  5. Do not have your bachelorette party here if you are uncomfortable being asked repeatedly if you are marrying a man or a woman.
  6. Do not bring anyone who lacks a sense of humor about lesbians, sex, body parts, or various other gay related topics.
  7. When asked what you do for a living, do not tell long boring stories about your work. No one is thinking about the office after ten on a Saturday night, and if they are they shouldn’t be at a drag show.
  8. Don’t forget to make a reservation. This guarantees you will have a table with a good view. (And I think it saves you $3 admission. That was a little unclear.)

So for sake of disclosure, I need to point out that I am friends with Barbra, who goes by Richard when he’s not wearing a gown. Here’s a photo of him meeting Jack (who is now 8, so you can see how long ago this was.)

07-28-13 Richard


And last night:

07-28-13 Richard 3

I took 90 pictures and would have more but I filled my SD card. Here are a few of my favorites.

Barbra as Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) from Glee (very funny and well-done. I laughed so hard my eyes were watering.)

07-28-13 Richard 5

Check out these awesome boots:

07-28-13 Richard 6

This guy/gal is in his 70s.

07-28-13 Richard 4

And all the ladies at the end of the night, including Ms. Gay Arizona. Her crown reminds me of one I saw at a wedding a while back. It looks a little better on her.

07-28-13 Richard 2

Thanks so much Barbra/Richard for a great night out. It was such a fun experience and I would love to go again with a big table full of people. I sat with Gloria, who apparently goes every single Saturday night. Since it has been 13 years since I have seen Barbra perform I am clearly behind the game. And next time I will remember to bring a stack of dollar bills.


I did so much this weekend I can’t fit it all in to the blog. Look for a review of Bink’s Midtown, Zinc Bistro, and possibly Fruitville Station. It’s a good thing I have some topics saved up, as the boys will be back Tuesday and life will resume as normal. For now however I’m going to watch Downton Abbey and lie around, listening to the quiet.



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  1. As one who witnessed the crown wearing bride, I can confirm that Ms. Gay Arizona looks WAAAYYYY better wearing it.

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