Saturday Recap


What a week. Let’s start with reader comments, because for now nearly all the feedback I receive is from people I know in real life (IRL for those of us who are trying to keep up on the lingo.)

Here are some paraphrased things I have heard this week:

Your blog is silly. (That’s not a paraphrase actually. It’s a direct quote. Thanks Lenny.)

Sometimes you come across as snarky.

I will not read what you have to say because your title is so awful

Go see “Fruitville Station”. (I saw it today. See below.)

I love all of this. I love that people are reading and having a reaction to what I write. So thank you all and please keep it coming.

Since our last update, I went Ice Skating

07-27-13 skating

And I fell – see the ice on my knee and my arm. This was surprisingly fun, even the falling part.

I went out a few times, I ate some gluten free pizza. I claimed certain places are better than other places, and I prepared for my kids to leave town.

Do you know what I do when I am not pressured to get home and cook dinner and get kids settled for the night? I work. And you know what Joe does? He works. Working has become a luxury for both of us, and I don’t know what that says about America, or work, or life balance, but it is the truth. We were supposed to go to the baseball game Thursday night because we were both still at work when we were supposed to leave for the game.

So I have nothing to say about Luchador as promised. Although according to my friends who did attend the game, the transition to the new mascot is not complete. Perhaps they are rethinking this ridiculous idea? Who knows. While I do not follow baseball a great deal, I know the Diamondbacks are struggling to find their place in the league and not always succeeding. (I don’t see the Red Sox or the Yankees pulling stunts like this, just as an example.)

Today I woke up early and started watching Downton Abbey on Amazon. In an effort to not spend the entire day in bed, my parents convinced me to go see Fruitville Station. Well for the love of Jesus that movie is harsh. We have come so very far yet we have so far to go.

Tomorrow I will have much to say about the Barbra Seville show at The Rock. I hope to meet Ms. Gay Arizona. What does one wear to such an event anyway?



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