TBD at the Old Brass Rail, a true Girls Night Out

I am fortunate enough to have known a small group of people for a very long time. Like 35 years. Give or take. I met most of this scrappy little group sometime between 1977 and 1982 – time we all spent at Fuller Elementary (GO FALCONS!)

Last night I took one of them (Julie from Chandler – she would like it pointed out that she does not live in Gilbert as I incorrectly stated before) to see another one of them (Theresa) perform in her band TBD (I don’t think they have a link. I will update if they do and I’m just missing it.) at the Ole Brass Rail. (I did not have high hopes for this bar and was blown away. If you are the bar going type I highly recommend it. The place was completely packed and the service was fast and friendly.)

Now back in the late 70s I was a very small girl with a smart mouth. There were times this mouth of mine got me into more trouble than I could handle, because deep down I am a big fraidy cat and will never back up my words with action. Never. It helped me back then to have a friend like Theresa because she was tall, beautiful, smart, and a total badass. She is still all of these things and seeing her perform is such fun for me.

Julie has been my partner in crime since we were that young as well. And by partner, I mean I drag her into things she probably shouldn’t be doing, and sometimes make her uncomfortable. It is the stuff movies are made of, and I hope some of our stories will make it into a book one day. Published anonymously of course.

I may have mentioned previously that live music is my great and longtime friend. I love guitars and drums and great voices. I would love to be in a band, yet my musical skills are lacking. (Julie also harbors some weird desire to sing in a band. She asked last night if I thought Theresa would one day let us sing “Midnight Train to Georgia” with her band. Um, no. She would not. I blame this all on our piano teacher, Mrs. Carol. She taught us all as if we could be great performers one day, while we struggled through Moonlight Sonata.)

For now, Theresa will have to live our dreams for us. And she’s doing a great job, because she is a rock star.

07-27-13 TBD


And so is the rest of the band:

07-27-13 TBD-2

07-27-13 TBD-3 07-27-13 TBD-4

Please don’t judge my photos too closely – I still haven’t figured this lens out. As I am looking through the hundred some-odd shots I took last night I’m baffled by where the camera is focusing. It is tough for me to get sharp pictures with this lens, although it is the best one I have for low light.

No matter, it was a great night. I lost Julie a few times but she seemed relatively ok with it. There was a moment that she was in a situation where another girl was trying to pick up on her, but in true Julie fashion she just whispered to me “I think we need to move” and went on chatting.

There is more to write about these ladies, but I need to move on and recap the week. And then get ready to go to The Rock for the Barbra Seville Show tonight. Barbra is also a friend of mine, although only for the past ten years or so…kinda new. I’m going to take my camera again and hope I can figure out this lens.





4 thoughts on “TBD at the Old Brass Rail, a true Girls Night Out

  1. Ha! A badass! I love it. 😉 Thanks girls for coming last night. It was great to see you as always. Love the blog, Brooke; keep it up!

  2. Last night was incredible! T and her band are amazing and I wish I could be a rock star like her (I WILL sing “Midnight Train to Georgia” one day, mark my words. And not karaoke.).

    I think we could take pre-orders if we actually ever do write a book. I tell people about shenanigans we have been involved in I always get lots of laughs and requests to write this stuff down. More people know you as wine-in-the-bathroom-Brooke than just Brooke. Or Brook Stretch as you were called last night. 😉

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