Weekend Preview

I had to get up early today to be at a work meeting by 7:30. Also my boys left this morning and will be gone for a week. I am completely thrown off. I feel like a toddler who has missed a nap.

So today we are going to play Wednesday Weekend Preview. Leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing this weekend if you’re so inclined. I have some free space on my calendar….

Here are my plans, as I will be acting as though I don’t have children for the next 6 days.

Tomorrow: Hanny’s and a Baseball game. I haven’t been to Hanny’s since right after they opened (which is never the best time to go anywhere in my experience), so I’m looking forward to that. Then the Diamondbacks will take on the Cubs and I hope to get great photos of Luchador (it means “fighter” in Spanish, according to Wikipedia) I promise to offer my opinion of this new mascot for the team that seems to struggle with its own identity at times.

Friday: Our new fridge arrives! I will be maneuvering a day of working from home, participating in several conference calls, and emptying and filling a new fridge. That night my friend from Kindergarten (and after) will be playing in her band TBD at The Ole Brass Rail. Hopefully a few other elementary friends will be there, and we can sing the Fuller Fight Song and have some cocktails. (Julie and Ian, I am looking right at you.)

Saturday: I plan to lie in bed and watch movies all day, take a nap, and then head out to see The Barbra Seville Show at The Rock. Barbra is a friend of mine, and the last time I went to this particular show she threw her Lee Press On Nails at me and called me a thieving f*cking whore. Not a lie. (Should whore be written wh*re? I can’t decide.)

I should also see a movie in the theater, since I never ever ever get to do that when the kids are here. What should I see? I hope to get a massage. I will likely experiment with several green smoothie recipes in my Vitamix (best bday gift ever). I’ve mostly been doing kale/spinach/mango/blueberry/coconut milk with protein powder and flax. But apparently the green smoothie community is large and opinionated, so I intend to find the perfect blend.

There will likely not be a post tomorrow, as I scramble from work to Hanny’s to baseball. Stay tuned though, because I’m certain the weekend will bring a gaggle of posts.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Preview

  1. I am also opinionated about green smoothies. Disgusting and no. I prefer to eat my calorie allotment. But to each his/her own!

  2. Given your preference for the Esplanade, your movie options are limited, You would probably hate “Pacific Rim,” so perhaps you should go with “Fruitvale Station” instead.

    • I was thinking of trying Studio Movie Grill as I understand they have assigned seating too. I’m not set on The Esplanade, I just like knowing where I’m going to sit!

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