An Update

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It’s Sunday afternoon, my kids are on their way to their grandma’s house to spend the night, and I’m sitting in the back of Federal Pizza with my laptop,

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an F&A Veg Board (named after our friends Frank and Anu)

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And a grapefruit ginger wine cooler – a drink I have attempted to recreate at home without much success.

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It’s a simple syrup mixed with sparkling wine. Shouldn’t be so hard to make, but I can’t quite get it. So I have to come here – smart marketing….

It’s the end of June, and there is not much going on in Phoenix. If you are here, you know why. It’s hot out. We went grocery shopping around noon and the walk from the store to the car made us all drag our feet and feel tired. The only cure is the swimming pool. Or the movie theater.

Last night Joe and I were supposed to go see the movie Chef. We got a sitter, planned it all out, and then realized we weren’t the only ones with this idea because the movie was sold out. What the hell? Now, I realize there are theaters that don’t have reserved seats and a bar, but I don’t know why people go to them. I checked iPic and even Studio Movie Grill….no Chef playing. We were thwarted.

We triumphed over our dilemma and saved the evening. We threw out ideas and came up with Red Thai on 12th and Northern. Next to the Dollar Store. Johnny Chu also has Sochu House which is equally delicious, but for some reason this funny little anime shop is better. The Red Thai Chicken and Fried Rice is quite possibly the most beautiful food I’ve ever eaten. And to top it off, my friends Dave and Dina live across the street and they joined us. Fun was had by all.

I have so much more to write about – we went camping at Big Lake, visited the new Southern Rail restaurant, I came within a half inch of quitting my job, I sat through a chemo session with my dad, had the pleasure of seeing the new Kate Spade outlet in Chandler, and I turned 42. I’ll be back with more later.

My dad is doing well, incidentally. He just finished round two of four chemo sessions. He gets really tired after, but so far the nausea is completely under control and he’s not really losing his hair. For chemo, it’s going great. (Is that like saying “For getting punched in the face, it wasn’t so bad!”?) He was able to come camping with us and he had a great time. We are all grateful for this opportunity to spend time together, big scary illness or no…

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