About to head up to the party, here is what I have learned so far:

  1. I love when people favorite me on Twitter.
  2. Instagram still seems weird to me. How is it different?
  3. If you’re trying to live blog, it is difficult to pay attention to everything else. Which might be good once I am upstairs listening to lawyers talk about lawyer stuff.)
  4. Uber is not the only game in town. Who knew?
  5. Even if I ask my 7 year old son if he’s ok with me leaving 758 million times, he will still change his mind at the last minute.

Joe arrived. He ordered a better glass of wine than I did. If I knew he was showing up and paying, I wouldn’t have stuck to the happy hour menu, but oh well. (He actually doesn’t know he’s paying yet. See how fun it is to live my life in real time???)

A glimpse into my media-heavy evening. I’m sitting here, still at the bar, trying to figure out how Instagram works (honestly I could not take a photo. Now I can’t make the photo show up on Facebook. Not that it needs to.) and my phone pops up a Facebook message from Parley that says “I see you!”

I look up and there is Parley and his friend Drew. They can attest to the fact that I’m all aflutter trying to blog in real time. I may have scared Drew from moving to Phoenix, although he does wish to leave snowy Denver.